Easter Hope For Our Failure

My friend and fellow minister colleague James Nored has been in Israel of late working on his project The Story of Redemption. He has produced this video and granted me permission to share it with you on this blog. Whether you already believe in Jesus or are still seeking but unsure yet of what to believe, I think you’ll enjoy this video and the message it speaks.

Here also is a link to the story from the Gospel of John referred to in the video. May you be blessed this weekend, for the crucified Jesus has been victoriously raised from the grave no more to die!


For credit purposes, I have copied and pasted the following from James’ Vimeo page:

NEW from StoryofRedemption.com! – Does Easter and the Resurrection have practical meaning for our lives? Watch this powerful video–professionally filmed at the Sea Galilee with some beautiful and incredible footage!–of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance to Peter and the disciples from John 21.

Why did Jesus ask Peter–who had failed him in the Garden of Gethsemane–if he loved him THREE TIMES? And what does this tell us about how to deal with and come to grips with failure? Watch and be inspired by this message of HOPE for our lives!

NOTE: The Story of Redemption is an evangelistic Bible study series designed to lead seekers to Christ and strengthen faith of believers. The video version–recently filmed on location in Israel–is being developed and produced. To find out more and support this ministry, go to StoryofRedemption.com and contact James Nored, Doctor of Ministry, jamesnored@gmail.com!

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