Dad, Daughter, and the Pepperdine Bible Lectures

IMG_0142I brought my 9 year-old daughter with me to the Pepperdine Bible Lectures so that she could participate in the “Making Waves” children’s classes. She’s having a great time and so am I! Last night, on our walk back to our room (about a 15 minute walk) we had a wonderful conversation as my daughter asked me a question saying, “Dad, what is the gospel?” It was good to explain the gospel to her and let her chew on it, as she is thinking about a lot of things right now that have to do with Jesus, baptism and the Holy Spirit. She said, “I know that baptism is what people do when they decide they’re going to live their life for him!” So I asked her what it means to live our lives for Jesus and she said, “It means that everything we do should be about Jesus and what he would do.” My daughter’s faith is emerging and when she’s ready, I pray that she’ll give her life to the Lord and be baptized into Christ.

The picture is my daughter and I standing on the Pacific Ocean. Thanks for letting me share my joy with you!

5 responses to “Dad, Daughter, and the Pepperdine Bible Lectures

  1. Rex – That is wonderful that you have your daughter with you and that she is asking so many good questions. My daughter, Rebecca, came to me when she was eight years old and said she thought she should be baptized, so I sat down with her & we talked about it. In her case, it was more because of her older teacher, a wonderful Christian lady, but one who was rather pushing that carefully “growing” her young students.

    I felt like Rebecca was too young to really understand the full significance of what she was asking about after we’d talked. I told her that she was “obeying” Christ and being his follower by being an obedient and good daughter and gave her some specific examples that she exhibited those traits. She was much relieved and we kept talking.

    When she was 12, she WAS baptized and it was the right time for her because she DID have a deeper understanding of right and wrong and what it meant to be a Christian. Again, her class teacher, a fine young Christian man, was instrumental in her decision, as he was when my younger son was in his class.

    I just feel like many times parents tend to push their young children into this decision sort of as a “badge” of honor on their part and that children in Christian families sometimes become “secondary appendages” to their own parents’ faith, rather than being allowed to more fully develop faith of their own. Only then, I deeply believe, can a young person KNOW that what they are doing is of their OWN volition and choice.

    Do you understand what I’m saying here? I’ve just seen too many young people who were baptized at very young ages then later fall away because they were not thoroughly grounded first – and AFTER – in making such a commitment.

    For what it’s worth . . . Dee

    • Dee,

      I do understand. I don’t want to put any pressure on my daughter and hope I’m just making myself available to answer her questions while gently shepherding her in the way of Jesus. If I can do that then when she is ready to make her commitment to Jesus, it will happen (I pray!).

      Grace and Peace,


  2. I must say I was “jealous” when I saw the video of your daughter at the ocean, as I sat in cubicle world here at work, lol 🙂 seriously that was a great post! Blessings – joel

  3. Just thrilling! Lord have mercy!

  4. I think a lot of people who have gone to church for a long time would like to hear the answer to that question, especially those who went to churches where Paul was the focus. It is the same type of question asked at a Passover Seder “why is this night different form all other nights?”

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