Ministry Imagine #15: Leadership

Try playing a little more offense!

  • I’ve started reading A Failure of Nerve: Leadership In The Age of the Quick Fix by the late Edwin H. Friedman. This book has been recommended to me on several occasions by several ministers. I’m only one chapter in and my mind is already bursting with thoughts and reflection on my own leadership as a minister.
  • Think about this, instead of reacting defensively to the challenges and complaints, Friedman writes, “You have to get up before your people and give an ‘I Have a Dream’ speech” (p. 21). Hmmm… What would it look like if church leaders stopped playing so much defense and instead went back to playing offense?

When churches would rather live with insanity.

  • Speaking of leading churches, I found this article very thoughtful: “What To Do When People Want A Church To Grow…But Not Change“. Now I know that no such church exists but just in case…
  • Seriously though, this is a real issue. I’ve heard many churches say that they want to grow and then, when I ask them what will have to change for that to happen, there is nothing but silence.
  • The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. That also describes many churches when it comes to growth, regarding evangelism and ministry.

So what’s on your mind?

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