Ministry Imagine #12

Peace is coming. . . One Day!

The gift of a letter…

  • If you watched the 2013 Iron Bowl, Alabama vs. Auburn, then you know that the kicker Cade Foster didn’t have a good day; he missed 3 field goal; Auburn upset Alabama, ending the hope of a BSC title for the Crimson Tide.
  • In the after math, Cade Foster received brutal criticism from fans, including death threats.
  • Enter former U.S. President George W. Bush, who sent this letter to Cade Foster. Agree or disagree with Bush’s politics, this was a class act.
  • Sometimes, the gift of writing a letter, thank-you card, or note goes along way!

So what’s on your mind?

2 responses to “Ministry Imagine #12

  1. Loved this! Thanks Rex and I want you to know that I got Tulsa workshop in part because of your blog that you did for me:)

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