Preaching and the Mission of God

Per the request of a few people, I am uploading the paper I wrote for my first Doctor of Ministry class at Northern Seminary, Missional Ecclesiology, with Dr. David Fitch. I have reformatted the paper as a single-space, 13-page pdf.document.

This paper, which I have titled Preaching and the Mission of God, critically examines my own practice of preaching within the Columbia Church of Christ as we strive to participate in the mission of God. I begin by describing the doctrinal and ecclesiological formation of the Churches of Christ in order to understand how this bears upon my own preaching. Following this, I explore this formation in light of the cultural transition from a modern and Christendom culture, which the ethos of the Churches of Christ emerged in, to a postmodern and post-Christendom culture. The paper the turns with a focus on the mission of God and the role the church is to play within this mission in order to understand how I must engage in the practice of preaching.

Though the paper focuses on my own practice of preaching, I hope it will help others think critically about the practice of preaching — especially those who minister among Churches of Christ. So here is the paper:

Preaching and the Mission of God

7 responses to “Preaching and the Mission of God

  1. Prescriptive and restrictive, a de facto creed that remains unwritten. The church of Christ goes back a lot farther than the “restoration movement”. The “written bible” should be our only creed, it is the “creed” the “will” of our heavenly Father. It certainly is prescriptive and is most certainly restrictive. And it has been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. What exactly was the restoration movement? A few men who realized that they and many others had departed from God’s truths and needed to return. Their efforts need to be applauded. But did the Lord’s church need to be restored? Answer, NO. Man did and still does.The Lord’s church is always the Lord’s church when the bible and it alone is followed. let us go back to the first century, let us study God’s word and we will learn how it is done and what it looks like. In the book of Acts we have 3000 and 5000 answering that age old question, “what must I do” the answer was always the same, it remains the same. God added those to His church who were being saved as He dictated. God’s way is the right way. We need to remember who’s church it is, and follow His instructions or else we will have our candlestick removed, and we will be nothing more than a man made denomination. That’s our only choice Rex, We can be the Lord’s church as the bible dictates, worship Him in spirit and in truth or our worship is in vain and He will never know us.

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for your comment! We simply disagree on the purpose of scripture. We both believe it is God’s inspired word and therefore his true word given to the church so that we may know God and live as disciples of Jesus. Where we disagree is that the Bible is always prescriptive and restrictive. That’s more of a hermeneutical issue regarding how we, as Christians, should read (interpret) the Bible. That’s not an issue, in my judgment, that separates us from fellowship with God and each other. So we’ll just agree to disagree here.

      Grace and Peace,


  2. I guess we will have to disagree, but it reminds me of the children of Israel, how many times did they disregard the instruction of God? Was not God displeased with their disobedience? Don’t you think we should be concerned with what He wants? No disrespect Rex, but I’m not concerned with your judgment, it is only God’s judgement that I care about. If we disagree with each other in what the bible says, one or both of us is wrong. John 12:48 says it is what will judge both of us one day. We had better come to the correct understanding. And for the life of me Rex, how a minister in the church of Christ could disagree with anything in my post above is beyond rational thinking! Did you not say that you were raised in the c of c? How can this be? Or was it your days in the denominational seminaries that led you astray? What ever it was your views, thinking and teachings are foreign to me. You have been influenced by human wisdom and it does not agree with the standard. May you come to know the truth, it will set you free, free from sin and error. And Rex, try to hold your anger in check, it’s not very becoming of a minister.

    • I’m not angry and don’t know what it is that gave you an impression that I am.

      Any ways, you suggest that I “have been influence by human wisdom and it does not agree with the standard.” Fair enough! But is it not possible that you then have been influenced by human wisdom that is in disagreement with the standard (scripture)? Be careful in making such statements!

  3. Sure, I just don’t seek it. I always stand ready to be corrected by God’s word.

  4. Rex,
    Looking forward to reading this (I printed it off as it will take me awhile!)

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