Ministry Imagine #10

We need more conversations like these in this video…

  • The only caveat is we need to have these conversations outside of the ball pit and inside places like our homes, in our local coffee houses and other hang out spaces.
  • We’ll never have such conversations if we don’t make ourselves present to others, which means that sometimes we have to put down whatever electronic device is in our hands.
  • Any ways, here’s the video “Take A Seat – Make A Friend”:

Don’t take possessing the Bible for granted…

  • Most Christians I know, including myself, have several Bibles at home in several different translations. Good…
  • I hope we read our Bible as the blessing that it is to have God’s word in our own possession, without having the fear of persecution because it is illegal.
  • According to this source, 80 people were executed publicly in North Korea earlier this month for possessing a Bible, which is illegal for them.
  • I don’t know any of them but I’ll assume they were believers in Christ and trust the promise of Christ himself, that anyone who loses their life the sake of Christ and the gospel will receive eternal life (cf. Mk 8:35).

So what’s on your mind that can help us live as better ministers?

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