Ministry Imagine #7

Life is not always easy; sometimes life hurts deeply.

  • I know of a couple people who are dealing with some tough pain and suffering right now. You probably do too.
  • Don’t explain or try to mitigate the hurt, as it never helps.
  • A phone call asking how someone is doing, or a note letting them know they are not forgotten goes a long way.

Where faith and suffering intersect.

  • The Psalms of lament give us a faithful voice to express our anger, doubts, pains, and questions.
  • We need to give more space in worship for lament, as not everyone gathered for worship if full of joy. Some who gather to worship are barely hanging on to faith.
  • Speaking of this, have a listen to this video Schooled in Denial by Old Testament scholar and pastoral thinker Walter Brueggemann:

So what’s on your mind that can help us live as better ministers?

5 responses to “Ministry Imagine #7

  1. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Brueggemann has a new commentary on Psalms due out at the end of the year. Good series.

  2. “If people are caught up in dogmatism or in moralism they tend not to notice how incredibly artisticit it all is”

    wow…so true.

    Perhaps we are caught up in moralism and dogmatism because we do not know how to see the art.

  3. preacherofgrace

    That was supposed to read artistic* sorry.

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