Ministry Imagine #1

I’m trying something a little different on Friday’s called Ministry Imagine. The plan is to share something about ministry that I came across during the week. It might be a quote, a song, a video, or something else but the point is to stimulate thought and stir our imaginations about how we minister as people who belong to Christ. And these imagination stirrings are for everyone who seeks to live as a witness of Jesus.

So here’s a quote from Andrew Purves, The Crucifixion of Ministry, p. 64:

“Every meaningful question concerning the significance of Jesus for Christian faith is posed in the present tense.  Who are you, Lord, and what are you up to? Any other perspective turns him into an antiquarian curiosity who can’t quite be fitted into present experience.”

And check out this Guinness Beer commercial:

What can we learn about ministry?

3 responses to “Ministry Imagine #1

  1. Good quote. We follow a living Lord, not a founder of a religious group (Rev. 1:18).

    Just curious, but I am guessing you didn’t actually type: “And check out this Guinness Beer commercial.” Awfully deceptive how they try to tie an ad directly into your post.

    • Actually, I typed it and included the video. I’m interested in how the group of friends playing basketball in wheelchairs with a friend who is apparently handicapped can teach us about the way we practice love and community.

  2. Ok, I think it’s a fine commercial, but I wasn’t sure because I think there are often videos at the bottom of your blog that you probably don’t put there.

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