Just Say The Word…

“Yeah my mother and my father; yeah they always believed. Yeah but me, I felt different; I always felt so diseased. …so one day in South Carolina, I saw you in a cotton field. Say the word, just say the word and I shall be healed.” – Michael McDermott

I’m guessing there’s some folks sitting in churches who feel just like that.

2 responses to “Just Say The Word…

  1. how are you doing Rex.
    just a short little comment.
    to explain sin and use the word sin,
    I tend to like the word deviation.
    as used in the literal translation in Romans 5.
    mankind deviated from God’s good, so as to become reprobate.
    deviation seems to be a word that people don’t like.
    no one likes to think of themselves as a deviate.
    the word sin has lost its meaning in all the overuse,abuse,and levity concerning Scripture.
    just try using a form of deviation to express Sin, and you will notice an immediate renewal of attention.
    I know I have.
    enjoy your day Rex blessings
    rich constant

  2. Yes, deviation – and seems to correlate with the true definition of repentence (behavior) too.

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