Stepping Forward: On Mission with God

“I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.”

– Jesus of Nazareth, John 15:5

Last Sunday I presented a vision and mission to the Columbia Church of Christ  for their discernment but one that I believe God is calling us to embrace.  Since joining the group of wonderful believers in the fall of 2011, I have been praying for God to reveal a vision for the way forward.  Others, including the shepherds of the church, have been praying too.  We firmly believe the fruit Jesus speaks of will come as we “remain” in Jesus and allow Jesus and his word to remain in us.

The vision I believe God is leading us is to live as an attractive and committed community of Jesus followers!  This is to say that I believe God is calling us to step forward on mission with him as a church in the greater area of Columbia, Maryland that is both attractive to those seeking God and committed to Jesus as we participate with God in his mission of restoring life.  To live out this vision, I believe our mission is to embody the grace of God as we live in the way of Jesus.

To read more about this vision and mission, open this link Stepping Forward: On Mission with God.  You can also listen to me speak about this in a message that I shared with the Columbia Church of Christ last Sunday right here: John 15:1-8 “A Vision and Mission”.

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