A Poem: Musings On Prayer

The following poem Musings On Prayer was written by Elladean Brigham, one of the members of the Columbia Church of Christ.  I liked it and wanted to share it with you.

Musings on Prayer

“Father, it just might be so!”

I beg, I cry, I plead my case,

But You sit there so high above

That nothing seems to move Your face.

“I see, my child,”You finally say,

“You fear the pain that change may bring.”

I weep and sit in the shadowed quiet

Within the bright darkness of Your wing.

“But surely, Father, what I want

Is for the best of all concerned!

Although I pray ‘Your will be done’,

I have many lessons learned.”

“My child,”You say with patient look,

“Beware pride and hear this teaching true:

You do not even see the hour.

The moment holds all time to you.

“But Time and Space do not hold me,

The Universe is in my hand.

Let me guide you through the dark,

‘Cause only I can understand.

“There will be times when you will fall

Or stumble upon Satan’s block.

I’ll pick you up and heal your hurts,

And put your feet on solid rock.

“Although you think you know a lot,”

You look at me and wisely nod,

“You really must accept the fact

That you are Child and I am God.”

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