Reflections on Eight Years of Blogging

“The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction.”

– Proverbs 16:23

It’s hard to believe it but I am now entering into my eighth year of blogging.  Blogging is something I enjoy all around.  I’m not sure exactly why I began blogging.  Back then blogging was also the new hip thing to emerge on the scene, so why not.  Of course, in fairness, I also began blogging for some less than noble reasons, like wanting my voice to be heard and wanting to stir the pot on some hot-button issues.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the way my blogging has helped encourage others to think about and live in the way of Jesus.  I know of one person who stumbled on to my website seeking God and to make a long story short, this led to them getting connected with a local church where they learned more about Jesus, confessed faith in him, and surrendered to him in the waters of baptism.  Beyond that, the comments and emails from readers around the world remind me that blogging is not in vain.

When I began, blogging was more reactionary.  While sometimes warranted, I’ve come to believe that reactionary blogging often lacks wisdom too.  Throughout 2012 I attempted blogging every day but I found that to be both a burden and problematic.  First, while some bloggers are able to write and publish without  any editing, I am not.  So writing every day became a chore.  Secondly, I found myself sometimes writing just to write something and when that happens I’m no longer blogging for the right reasons.  In fact, I wonder about the wisdom of any blogging which has a word for every subject and every issue.  We bloggers may have an opinion on everything but that does not make every opinion expressed a wise expression.

This brings me to a final reflection on my own blogging, where I’ve been and where I want to go with my blogging.  In the past I have written on biblical texts, scripture and interpretation (hermeneutics), theological matters, Christian missions and ministry, ethical issues, contemporary cultural issues, and even a few personal issues.  I have few regrets but in the future I want to narrow the focus of my blogging to mission renewal within the local church or missional ecclesiology (for those who prefer such a term).  This is the one area where I believe I can offer a meaningful contribution to Christianity since mission renewal within the local church is the task I am pursuing as a minister in a local church and it also happens to be the subject of the Doctor of Ministry studies I will begin pursuing this summer at Northern Seminary.

So I still plan to blog regularly (though not every day) but with a more narrowed focus and some changes (hopefully) to the layout of this blog.  Thank you for continuing to visit this website and read the blogs.  I pray that what is said will encourage us all to think and act more faithfully as the church journeying on mission with God.

4 responses to “Reflections on Eight Years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on eight years! I’ve been reading for probably the last five or six of them.

    And trust me …everybody’s blogs need editing. Some bloggers just don’t know it! 🙂

  2. “We bloggers may have an opinion on everything but that does not make every opinion expressed a wise expression.” GREAT line.

    Thank you for sharing 8 years with us. I pray there are many more.

  3. Looking forward to reading what you have to say on mission and the local church. Hopefully we can all benefit from your knowledge and experience as you dive into this field. May all your efforts be prolific and profound and may there be times of great joy as you labor with Him in the days ahead!

  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

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