Ending Abortion

In my last post, which you can read here, I spoke about the great injustice that forty years of Roe v. Wade has produced in America.  For this post, I want to speak about the response I believe Christians must take towards abortion.  My assumption is that except in rare circumstances, Christians believe that abortion is wrong and that something should be done about it.  So what can Christians do?

The logical response seemingly has to do with supporting pro-life politicians since this has been the approach Christians have taken.  However, that really hasn’t worked even when pro-life politicians were the majority power in Congress and held the office of President of the United States (what pro-life legislation did they attempt?).  And besides, that is a very passive approach.

A better response begins with what Christians can do best and that is bless children and expectant mothers with the love of God by doing justice and showing mercy.  This involves adopting children (see this great article, Real Solution to Abortion, by Chris Altrock about Christians adopting children as a response to abortion), supporting others who are seeking to adopt (adoption is expensive), and caring for unwed mothers-to-be (perhaps fewer women would elect to have an abortion if they knew that there would be help both during pregnancy and afterwards).

Another response has to do with the restoration of human-beings created in the image of God.  What makes human life so sacred is that it bears the image of God and this is a message Christians must communicate to society.  But here is where I must be critical.  Christians want society to respect the sanctity of human life and end the practice of abortion.  However, most Christians hardly have a leg to stand on and preach about respect for the sanctity of human life so long as it is so easy to put the objectives of war-making over the sanctity of those human lives that will suffer death due to war.  If Christians wish to convince society to respect the sanctity of human life, we must respect all forms of human life ourselves…rich and poor, young and old, the living and the unborn, and American citizens and foreigners alike.

In the meantime, I certainly would welcome any legislation that would end the practice of abortion in America and as one who votes, if a politician convinced me that he or she would attempt this then I would gladly support.  However, in the mean time there is so much more Christians can and should do.  The ball is in our court.

3 responses to “Ending Abortion

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  2. Rex, I would love to see the church embrace adoption fully. What an amazing ministry! Thanks for the reference to Chris Altrock’s article as well. We often run first to politics. I’m not against going that route either. However, adoption offers an antidote to the abortion dilemma in manifold ways–including homes for those who need them of any age.

    • Yes. And I realize that not every family can adopt (for various reasons) but that does not mean that those families cannot help financially support other families seeking to adopt.

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