Doctor of Ministry – Northern Seminary I received the word that my admission application has been accepted and I have been admitted to the Doctor of Ministry program at Northern Seminary (Lombard, IL) for the Missional Leadership Cohort.  The cohort itself will launch this coming June.  As you can see from the link provided, the classes will be taught by Dr. David Fitch,* Dr. Scot McKnight,* Dr. Alan Roxburgh,* and Dr. Craig Van Gelder.

As I enter this program, I will continue to serve as the minister of the Columbia Church of Christ, so there will be a lot of working for the Lord on my plate.  Nevertheless, I AM EXCITED!!!

For those unfamiliar with a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) and how it differs from a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) or Doctor of Theology (Th.D), the later two are research oriented studies that aims to pursues new areas of study and thought in a perspective field.  Those pursuing the research degree generally plan to teach at the collegiate level.  The D.Min on the other hand is aimed at the practice of ministry for those who serve God and the church in the vocation of ministry.

The program at Northern Seminary was the first and only program I applied for.  I have spent the last year or so looking at various programs, both within and outside of the Churches of Christ.  I really wanted to pursue a program that is engaging in the missional conversation and practice that has been all the rage for the last few years. I looked on line at other programs such as Biblical Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Luther Seminary as well as the programs at Abilene Christian University and Lipscomb University which are schools affiliated with Churches of Christ.  I have nothing against my alma matter Harding University but since I received an undergraduate education and my Master of Divinity from Harding School of Theology, I wanted a different school all together this time.  All of the other mentioned schools and a few others would have been great opportunities as well.  However, with all things considered and especially the four teachers mentioned above, Northern Seminary was my first choice.

Please keep me, my wife and children, and the Columbia Church of Christ in your prayers.  And in everything, may God be glorified!

2 responses to “Doctor of Ministry – Northern Seminary

  1. Rex,
    So very excited for you. What a wonderful opportunity! Really, Scot MdKnight!!??? Wow, I can see why you applied at Northern Seminary. I know how very close to your heart mission work is and know you will pursue this with great intensity. Will be holding you and your family and church family up in prayer as you undertake all that is before you. And, yes, may God receive all the glory in everything we do in His great Name.

    • Thank you very much! When I actually applied to the program, Scot McKnight was not a part of it yet. I had read books by both Fitch, Roxburgh, and Van Gelder (I’ve read books by McKnight too) and that was enough to peek my interest but then when I learned that McKnight would be part of the program too (this is his first year teaching at Northern Seminary)…well that made a very intriguing program even more intriguing.

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