You’re A Pharisee!

Perhaps you have heard of Godwin’s Law named after Mike Godwin who first made the observation.  Godwin observed that the longer any discussion continues, that a person, regardless of the subject, will make a comparison to the Nazis or Hitler.  So, for example, during a discussion about American foreign policy, the discussion shifts to the use of military power and eventually someone accuses the President’s policy as being Naziism.  That is Godwin’s Law.

Well, I have made a very unscientific observation that is similar to Godwin’s Law, only it has to do with the Pharisees.  In my blogging and social-media interaction, it seems that if one Christian dares to question and criticize beliefs, positions, and practices of others then eventually someone is bound to compare the critic to the Pharisees.

Most recently I have observed this Pharisaical comparison being lobbed at Christians, like myself, who have questioned and criticized the hyper-politicalization of Christianity.  Such a comparison, I presume, serves only to dismiss the actual reasoning behind the criticism.  Like the comparison to Nazis, comparisons to the Pharisees is a weak argument that only serves to circumvent the original critique rather than discern whether there is any merit to the critique.

Since it is possible for every Christian discussion to result in a comparison being made to the Pharisees, I would just like every reader to know…

You’re a Pharisee!

2 responses to “You’re A Pharisee!

  1. The biblical Pharisees tried to make everyone submit not only to God’s law but also to their personal preferences. Hence the brand is given to those today who do the same thing.

    I agree with you that there is some of that mindset in all of us. How can i think I’m right on a given issue and not think those who hold the opposite view are wrong? Peter vs Paul comes to mind. Well, I’m no Peter or Paul, that’s for sure.

    Guilty as charged brother. I have behaved like a Pharisee and I’m sorry. Stating a strong opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be carried further. If it’s the truth, truth stands on its own.

    Thanks for making me think.

    • Royce,

      Your humility is encouraging. I know there are times when I have truly acted like a Pharisee. Unfortunately, I often only realize that in hindsight. Thanks for your comment and your ministry.

      Grace and Peace,


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