A Personal Reflection on Following Jesus

I’m just started reading through Building A Discipling Culture as part of a small “huddle” group I am participating in with some other Christian leaders.  We are talking about the invitation and challenge that Jesus offers with his call to discipleship.  For example, Jesus invites us with a “Come, follow me” and then challenges us to “Go, make disciples.”  Combine this with what I have learned about the mission of God and a narrative approach to theology along with my own desire to live as a follower of Jesus and I am really beginning to sense the magnitude of the challenge.

The following is an entry in my journal (yes, my moleskin) that I recently made that I think captures the joy I have of being invited to follow Jesus along with the magnitude of this challenge…

Only in recent months, perhaps a year or so, have I began to realize how much the call to follow Jesus is not a call to make Jesus a part of my story.  Rather the call to follow Jesus is a call to become a part of his story which is God’s story.  Yet by becoming a part of Jesus’ story, it becomes my new story.

I realize that this call is a life long learning endeavor, one that is much easier to speak about than to live out.  So I am very thankful for the grace and mercy of God.

Having said that, this call of Jesus is something I gladly accepted and swore my allegiance to when I was baptized into Jesus Christ.

– K. Rex Butts, October 24, 2012

Of course, I attribute all of this to God’s work within me through his Holy Spirit.  Praise be to God the Father, Son, and Spirit!

2 responses to “A Personal Reflection on Following Jesus

  1. So nice to read your thoughts and see how your faith is maturing into the kind of fruit that others will know our Lord by the way He is working in and through your life. It changes everything when we begin praying that our hands find the work that He would have us do. He doesn’t disappoint in this! I sense the joy you have found in knowing He has blessed you because of your desire to be His servant. Please continue to share with us the joy and the hard times of your challenges as you live out what He has called you to do. Yes, praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we are privileged to be the vessel of honoring His great Name. Amen!

  2. Thanks you. As you know, following Jesus is a journey and the more you follow, the more challenging it becomes. However, I have no desire to look back.

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