Is That All They Can Talk About?

Four years ago I was living in Minnesota in a small town where the strong majority was Christian.  At the time, the nation was in the throws of an upcoming election to see who would become the next President, John McCain or Barak Obama.  Tensions were high and everywhere a person went, someone was campaigning for the candidate they supported.  In the barber shop, on the front lawns of many home owners, on Facebook, and even in the coffee shop.

Yes, the coffee shop.  I was sitting in a Caribou Coffee shop one evening enjoying some coffee and reading a book when a man walked in and quickly sat down at a table with two women.  This man was a pastor of a local church and although I did not know him by name, I recognized the man from a couple of ministry alliance meetings I had attended.

Only being a couple of tables away, I could hear the conversation taking place.  This pastor was dominating the conversation and it was about the upcoming political election.  He was waxing eloquently about the peril America would face if the wrong candidate was elected President.  I could tell he was serious by his animated body language.

After about thirty to forty minutes later, this pastor left.  After he was gone, one of the ladies look at the other and said, “Is that all your friend can talk about?”

I sat there thinking about the wasted opportunity to talk about God and how these women sense God working in their lives.  Instead of talking about what really matters, the conversation was more of the same political stump speech.

Nothing much has changed.  There are plenty of wasted opportunities to go around.  It makes me wonder…  Is Jesus looking upon us and asking himself, “Is that all they can talk about?”

8 responses to “Is That All They Can Talk About?

  1. Amen, brother Rex. The Kingdom of God- Christ ruling and reigning in our hearts, and lives; feeding on His Blood and Body; becoming partakers of the Divine Nature; overcoming the evil one by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our Testimony, and the embrace of martyrdom. Fellowship in the inner sanctum of our souls with a myriad company of angels, the souls of just men made perfect, and above all our elder brother, Lord, Master and God Jesus Christ, the perfector of our Faith… that is something to talk about. The kingdoms of this world, the gentiles are passionate about, ah, but like the wind they shall pass away; but the Kingdom of God abides forever. Lord have mercy

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  3. Powerful story. That warning so desperately needs to be heard.

  4. I respect people who care enough to talk intelligently about serious issues, be they spiritual, cultural, political or aesthetic. No one should be afriad to communicate respectfully about what is important to them. I am a big fan of free political speech (and other kinds too) as long as it is honest and respectful. In fact, I am deeply grateful for that freedom.

    • I’m not wanting to suggest that people should never engage in serious and intelligent conversation on matters of politics (especially since some of those issues are also kingdom issues). I would just like to hear more Christians “campaigning” for Jesus Christ, especially from those who seem only capable of campaigning for whatever politician and party they support.

  5. A simple, yet powerful thought. Thanks.

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