Blog Post 500: Reflections on Blogging

This post marks the 500th blog post since I started blogging back in September of 2004.  So in light of this “benchmark” post, I offer some reflections.

A lot has changed in the ways I go about blogging since I first started blogging.  I originally signed up for a blog account not with the intent of publishing my own blog posts but just to track my comments on other blogs.  In those days it was very easy for me to get into a passionate dialogue debate on some issue that I was passionate about.  So eventually I started posting my own blog post just to put my point of view out their.

Reading back over some of my earlier posts gives me mixed feelings.  Some of those earlier posts were more of a rants than a thought out post in which I was responding to cultural issues (with little critical reflection).  Looking in the rear view mirror doesn’t seem to exude much wisdom and if I had to do it over, there are certainly things I said which I would say a little different and certainly with more honey than vinegar.

Over time as more people started reading my blog, I began to realize there was nothing good resulting from arguing with others on a blog as it never seemed to change anything.  This also resulted in giving more reflection to my own posts, moving away from rants and uncritical thoughts.  Along the way, I wanted the blog to broadly speak more about the embrace of life as God has created and redeemed us for.  So the blog was given the title of Kingdom Seeking and began exploring biblical texts, issues pertaining to theology and mission living, as well as reflections on certain books I am reading.

On at least one occasion I connected with a reader who I then helped find a local church where he could learn to follow Jesus in community, where he was eventually baptized into Christ.  That tells me that my blogging has not been in vain and confirms that something good is coming out of this.

Over the last year I have attempted an experiment by committing myself to daily blogging except for the weekends.  I have kept that up except for a couple of days when I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed (I think that’s a plausible excuse).  For the most part, this has been an enjoyable commitment but there have been a few times when I wondered if I was not just posting something to post something (which is like talking too much…not wise).  So at the end of the year, I’ll reevaluate what I want to do with this blog.

A few months back Sean Palmer, a friend and fellow minister and blogger, tweeted, “Sometimes I think there was more Christian unity before we all started blogging.”  I can’t remember what prompted this tweet but it reminds all of us who blog and read blogs about the danger of do-it-ourselves publishing of all things pertaining to Christianity, otherwise known as Christian blogging.

As I look back and look to the future of this blog, I still love blogging and reading other blogs.  This blog has been an extension of my ministry within the local church and my desire is to continue that.  At the same time, I want this blog to become more specific about the life of following Jesus into the kingdom of God and what that entails.  What that looks like in terms of the blog layout, content, and actual blogging…I’m still reflecting on that.

So, thank you for continuing to read this blog.  To God be the glory!

5 responses to “Blog Post 500: Reflections on Blogging

  1. Your blog continues to be interesting.

  2. Enjoy reading your blog. Your posts are relevant and thought provoking. Everything we set out to do takes time to perfect, so hang in there with it Rex. Any more thoughts about writing a book?

  3. Keep writing; I’ll keep reading. I do understand the need to keep evaluating your posting schedule and your content.

  4. Rex, how can you continue since you have had your wisdom removed :o) I also find your blogs to be very though-provoking and helpful. Keep up the good work!!

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