Confession and Calling

Sine 1997 I have been a follower of Jesus. I not always a good follower but following Jesus is what I try to do. That’s because I believe in Jesus. I believe he is the Son of God, the Lord and Messiah. I believe he was born of a miraculous virgin birth, that he eventually was crucified but was raised from death and exalted by God the Father. I believe that Jesus taught us how to live the life God created us to live and that the Holy Spirit has been sent so that we can live that life and bear witness to this gospel about Jesus in word and deed.

I am thankful for this calling. Since 2005 I have had enjoyed the blessing of living this calling out as a minister in the church. That means I get to preach, teach, and equip the church to live out this same calling while also meeting other people whom I get to serve (and hopefully invite into this wonderful life) because I am the “Preacher” or “Pastor”. This involves being attentive to scripture, theology, and culture in a way that brings the culture into conversation with the gospel so that the kingdom of God may break forth.

My life is a wonderful life. I want nothing more and nothing less than to follow Jesus and that is all I am trying to do. In doing so, I try to read scripture in light of the gospel narrative with an ear to the Christian tradition(s) which have proceeded me and an openness to the way God is already at work in the world around me. I’m interested in neither conservative nor liberal; I’m interested in following Jesus.

I am a follower of Jesus! Sometimes I do that well but more often then not, I stumble about this calling. Nevertheless, I’ll keep following Jesus.

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