“But I Want To Be A Christian!”

My family and I have been visiting family all week in Indiana and Michigan and will be returning to Columbia (Maryland) on Monday Afternoon.

We had a great time, as expected, but I am eager to be back with the Columbia Church of Christ.  I did get to visit to different congregations, the Living Stones Church of South Bend, Indiana, where Sam Barrington serves as the Pastor (this is the church where I learned to be a disciple of Jesus back when it was the Donmoyer CoC) and the Berrien Center Bible Church of Berrien Center, Michigan where my wife’s uncle serves as an elder.  Both churches seem healthy and very missionally involved in their local community.

One story that stands out from the trip is a conversation that involves my daughter, Caryn, who is seven years old.  Caryn loves God as a seven year-old can and is always eager to attend worship, be a part of VBS’s, and help others because she knows that is pleases God.  Any ways, my nephew was teasing her, telling her that she needed to become a preacher but Caryn thought he was saying that by becoming a preacher, she could not be a Christian.  Here response…

Caryn quickly became agitated and with some candid animation, she responded, “But I  want to be a Christian!”

I love it.  I love the fact that even at this young age, she has the courage to stand up for her emerging faith.  As a parent, my hope is to continue cultivating this emerging faith that my daughter will grow up into a strong faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.  That is also my prayer for four year-old son Jared.

That is our prayer for all of our children.  May we teach our children to grow up into strong faithful disciples of Jesus Christ…who will always exclaim, “But I want to be a Christian!”

2 responses to ““But I Want To Be A Christian!”

  1. I do hope that if she is gifted wrt preaching that she is not limited by tradition in finding ways to serve!

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