Are Americans Really Free?

Here’s a video by Micah Bournes titled “When America Dies” which my friend Sean Palmer brought to my attention.  It’s provocative but it really begs a question: Are Americans really free?

So, are Americans really free?

Are Americans really free from the illusion that freedom can be achieved through revolution and politics and the tyranny of violence necessary to keep chasing that illusion?  Are Americans really free from the illusion that a blessed life can be achieved through democracy and prosperity and the tyranny of consumerism  that is necessary to keep feeding that insatiable appetite?

Like every other empire throughout world history, America is enslaved to many principalities and powers.  Yet America remains oblivious to these powers because it believes freedom can be achieved through military power and democracy.  However, like every other empire, one day America will fall too.  That fall will either happen within history or at the end of history when every knee and tongue will bow and acknowledge Jesus as Lord (cf. Phil 2:11-12).

When that happens – and it will happen – then it will be known that the illusion of freedom America holds on to is just that.  All the while what Jesus offers is not an illusion but real liberation, freedom through that one only overcomes the world through the crucified and resurrected Son of God, Jesus Christ who is the Truth (cf Jn 8:31-32; 14:6; 20:31).

3 responses to “Are Americans Really Free?

  1. Woah. Hope you’re ready for a bumpy ride, but amen. Every authority will give up and surrender to Jesus Christ, the King.

  2. History has inevitability written on every page. ” My hope is built on
    nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness”

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