The Way We Live Matters

As Christians, we know the way we live matters.  This quote really captures the link between our witness and the way we live:

Because the Church is a community of the Spirit or, what is the same, a community of ‘the last days,’ part of its mission is to witness to the future that God has promised.  That testimony must be given, not only in words, nor merely though the individual lives of Christians, but also through the communal life of the Church.

   …Christians can spend hours and days speaking about the coming reign of God, and eloquently preaching about it; but if we do not give signs that our hope is genuine, people will not believe us.  We may spend a lifetime proclaiming a coming order of justice and of peace; but if we do not deliver as those who truly believe in that future, we will not be taken seriously.*

I love the fact that our witness is to show what the future of God’s redemptive promise (eschatology).  What if all of our decisions and actions were made to paint the picture of God’s redemptive promise?


* Justo L. González, Acts: The Gospel of the Spirit (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2001), 80.

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