Longing For A Risky Faith

“An overprotected generation has been sold the lie that ‘Christian living’ means material blessing, automatic protection, and bulletproof safety.  Two millennia of Christian martyrs beg to differ, and many young adults today are interested in those martyrs’ lives of jeopardy and fulfillment.  They are desperate for a new way to understand and experience the worthy risks of following Christ.  Life without some sense of urgency – a life that is safe, incubated, insular, overprotected, consumptive – is not worth living.  The next generation is aching for influence, for significance, for lives of mean and impact.”*

What thoughts do you have?


* David Kinnaman, You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church… And Rethinking Faith (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2011), 105-106

4 responses to “Longing For A Risky Faith

  1. I’ve gotten a different sense. Yes, we’re well-fed and don’t have to worry about the kinds of oppression that the early Christians dealt with. However, people today are under a lot of anxiety and stress. They’re looking for security in Christ. I don’t think seeking out persecution just to make one’s spiritual life a little more exciting is wise.

    • I agree that it is unwise to seek out persecution, as though it will make our spiritual life more exciting. In fact, anything we do with the goal of satisfying ‘our life’ is opposite of the gospel, which calls us to lose our life for the sake of Jesus and the gospel.

  2. The Saints we Orthodox venerate include tons of martyrs, ton s of folks who left all and followed Jesus. Honoring those who have run the race successfully before us is one aspect of passing on the torch; but we are in a time when some shall depart the faith, and none of is immune, Protestant, Orthodox, Non-demom; none of us.

    • Speaking only for the more evangelical & non-denominational Protestant churches, it is sad that we do not give more attention to those who are martyred for Christ. While we are not to worship the martyrs, if we can remember “our troops” on holidays like Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day then we should at least give the same memorial honor to Christian martyrs. To not do so is to tell our children that the nation is more precious than the gospel.

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