Sermon: The Pentecost Promise Today

According to the Western Christian calendar, this past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday.  Two Sundays ago, I began a new sermon series with the Columbia Church of Christ on Acts 1-11 titled The Church: Christ Convicted, Spirit Fueled Mission Living.  So I purposely planned it so that I would be preaching from Peter’s Pentecost sermon in Acts 2 on Pentecost Sunday.

Below is a link to my sermon, “The Pentecost Promise Today” from Acts 2:29-41, which I invite you to listen if you are up for being challenged to make a deeper commitment to Jesus Christ as his disciple.  The teaching presented from Acts 2 is not what one might traditionally expect with a Church of Christ but I do believe the sermon is faithful to the text and to Jesus (which is my only concern).  So if you are up for a challenge, download the sermon and listen.

Acts 2_29-41 _The Pentecost Promise Today_

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