How To Lose the Next Generation

Tomorrow I’ll publish part 2 of “The Holy Spirit and Christian Witness” but since the video of Pastor Charles Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina has already gone viral, I interrupt because this has me disappointed to say the least. The video is a great example of someone who is not speaking from the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know how anyone who claims to know Jesus could preach this. I get so fed up with stuff like this because this is exactly how Christianity will wind up losing an entire generation of people. For all the good work that many Christians do in the name of Jesus Christ, stuff like this undermines everything just like someone taking an axe to a beautiful tree that has taken years to blossom.

7 responses to “How To Lose the Next Generation

  1. Wow, sounds a lot like Hitler’s answer to the undesirables of his day. I feel your pain, Rex, this is truly shameful. We must believe, though, that all the good we do in the name of Jesus will somehow fly in the face of this and we can’t lose heart. Jesus fought this same battle with the Pharisees. We can imagine His contempt, we can take heart in that He shares with us the frustrations of this way of thinking. We must pray He will equip us with enough love and compassion to show the world we are something different. We cannot underestimate the power of our seemingly small efforts and His powerful way of working in that. (Chin up!) Amy

  2. First time I saw this I hoped it was a parody from one of the comedy sites.

  3. Adam Gonnerman

    Redneck preachers like this are nothing new. It’s just that YouTube has given them a platform to go viral. Nothing new at all.

    • I guess I would expect a little more wisdom showing a discernment in the words being spoken by an older pastor. But then again… You are right, this is nothing new. And it is likely to be the last, unfortunately.

  4. We could only hope that someone we care about who might be struggling with issues like this would not hear this as the final word of what God wants for them.

  5. Yes, I have made the same point many times on FB with my friends; where is the passion for the glory of Jesus Christ; for the transformation that comes through life in the Spirit; and preoccupation with the Kingdom of God rather than the preoccupations of the Gentiles? Since there is not a Visible Church, where the virtues of the Saints are honored, America is the substitute for the Church; we really need a unified and visible Church with the invisible power of the Spirit…the Spirit and Body of Christ….not just the Spirit, to be missional.

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