Friday’s Faith Forum: That God May Speak

The prophet Habakkuk reminds us that “The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silent before him” (Hab 2:20).  The context Habakkuk is responding to is idolatry.  In futility, people speak to their idols asking them to speak.  What the prophet is telling us is that we need to be silent before God so that the Lord might speak to us.  So when we we come before God, our first action “is to listen, because God is at home and he might actually have something to say” (Randy Harris, Soul Work, 53).

Could God actually speak to us through his Holy Spirit?  Well, I have yet to hear God audibly speak to me but I have heard God speak…just not with words.  My only problem is that I wish it would happen more frequently than it does.  God just does not operate according to my desires and expectations.  But what if we were to be silent before God in prayer as we contemplate his presence, what he is doing and how he is asking us to participate with him?


  • What sort of time-space do you allocate to sit in silence before the Lord?
  • How do you know when it is the Lord Speaking?

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