Friday’s Faith Forum: Holy God of Mercy

“Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty;

God in three persons, blessed Trinity.”

What a powerful word image that we sing…

…A Holy Triune God who is merciful!

That seems incomprehensible and in many ways it is.  It is a mystery that God, the  Creator of all that is, who is holy, would have mercy on us.  Yet from the moment God began to reveal himself to Israel, that is the image of God revealed.  In Exodus 3, this God who by his presence made that wasteland called Horeb a holy place told Moses that he has “come down to rescue” (v. 8) the Israelites from their Egyptian captors.

I preached on that text on more than a few occasions and have always pointed out that part of what makes God holy is his redemptive action.  Yet as I sang the words to this great hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, my heart and mind was captured in a even more deep and powerful way that I am struggling to describe in words.

All I can say is that we stand before God every day, every hour, and every minute. He knows our every thought…every thought that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable (cf. Phil 4:8) as well as every selfish thought that is deceptive, abject, impure, hateful, and despicable.  Yet God has chosen to be merciful to us!

Powerful, captivating, and exhilarating!

May our awareness of God’s holiness expressed in mercy towards us move us to love God all the more!


Part of this reflection was a journal entry I made after leaving the evening worship at the Pepperdine University Bible Lectures.

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