O Me of Little Faith!

I had an appointment with the Dentist yesterday as a follow-up to a severe tooth-ache I had a couple weeks ago.  The appointment did not go as expected.  In fact, at the time it was rather upsetting.

As it turns out, I will need to have my three wisdom teeth surgically extracted.  When I was a child, I underwent oral surgery…a procedure which supposedly meant that I would never need to have my wisdom teeth removed, since my wisdom teeth are fully developed and functional.

This has turned out not to be the case.  But that is not the only problem.  I learned that I have a tumor growing in my mouth.  In all likelihood, it will be benign and will be easily dealt with by surgically removing it.

But at the time, the Oral Surgeon was slow to mention that it will most likely will be benign.  The only thing I heard was “tumor” and “biopsy” and I began to think of the worst case scenario (that’s how my mind works).  I immediately started to think of my wife and children and it was all I could do to remain composed.  The Doctor must have sensed this because she quickly put her hand on my arm and said, “Don’t worry!  This type of tumor is rarely cancerous.”

That was comforting somewhat.  Later on, my wife’s voice was comforting too as she reminded me that this is standard procedure with any cyst or growth on the body.  Personally, I felt like someone who had just fallen down and now others were extending their hand to help me get up.

That got me thinking.  Why did I feel like this?  Why did I feel like I had just been shoved to the ground?  Why did I get scared?  Did Jesus not calm the storm to show us that we need not fear in the middle of the storm (cf. Matt 8:23-27)?

I can hear the echo of Jesus’ word’s “…You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”

Many times these words are used to preach about trusting Jesus in the middle of the various troubles we encounter during life and that is fine.  We need such sermons.  But…the truth is, life is full of good and bad and when the bad happens, when we feel like we have been kicked in the gut, we do get scared.

And that is ok!

Sometimes in life, our big faith gets derailed and we become people of little faith.  When that happens, I hope that those of us with a big faith can be there to gently remind those of us with a little faith that His voice is still silencing the wind and waves!

3 responses to “O Me of Little Faith!

  1. Kerry you are in my thoughts and prayers my friend. There was a time in my life that I too was afraid and worried and upset. But like you said I heard the Lords voice and then everthing was calm. Keep the faith my brother God Bless you and your family.

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