The Fork In the Road

This question is for every Christian who is also an citizen of the Unites States of America: Does the world know us because of love for and allegiance to Jesus Christ or because of our love for and allegiance to America?

The irony is that we all know as Christians that we cannot serve two masters yet we have done a good job of convincing ourselves that we can serve two kingdoms. Perhaps it is time to reconsider that notion.

Here is what we know about the first followers of Jesus. They were Jewish, so they were already at odds with the Roman empire. Yet follow Jesus and proclaim him as the Lord and Messiah, it put them at odds with Israel too. Following Jesus became a fork in the road and the Apostle Peter’s response, “We must obey God rather than human beings” (Acts 5:29) to the Jewish authorities tells us which direction they continued in.

If he is not already, at some point Jesus is going to take us who claim to be his followers to a place where there is a fork in the road. Then Jesus is going to start walking down one path. It is very unlikely to be an easy path but Jesus will be on it. And us?

I invite you to watch this video (pay attention to the observations and questions)…

2 responses to “The Fork In the Road

  1. Good stuff. Jonathan Merritt has a book coming out soon about this called A Faith of Our Own. He says, “When Christians devote their lives exclusively to the construction of an earthly power, when their mission sounds like a campaign strategy, it’s clear that they believe God’s kingdom can be reached by political victories.” (p.17)

    The only thing I would tweak is I don’t think Christianity put them at odds with Israel. It put them in line with God’s intention for Israel. Jesus even called Nathanael a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false (John 1:47 – N.T. Wright has some good stuff on that verse and the connection with Israel/Jacob and Jacob’s ladder in John 147-50 that also mentions angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man). Anyway, it put them at odds with the agenda-filled religious authorities rather than with Judaism itself.

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