What Sort of Christian Do We Want to Be?

I have a struggle with my eating habits and weight control.  The foods I love the most typically tend to be unhealthy and if I indulged myself by eating as I would like to do, I would be very overweight and on the fast-track to weight related health problems.  And yet I struggle…sometimes I eat sensibly and sometimes I don’t.  The results of my struggle is evident..

Now here is the point.  Trendy diets are nice, I suppose, and exercise will certainly help but wisdom has rendered her verdict.  How a person eats affects their health.  If a person wants to be healthy, then they must limit their intake of unhealthy foods.

Now apply this wisdom to our own spiritual formation as Christians.  As a Christian, do we want to be healthy or unhealthy?  From a spiritual formation standpoint, what sort of diet do we nourish ourselves with?

Here is the reality we live in.  In the year of 2012, there are a variety of different Christians.  The only requirement for being a Christian in our culture is a matter or religious preference and perhaps having one’s name on the membership roster of some church (attendance not necessary).  Consequently, there are humble Christians and there are arrogant Christians, unselfish Christians and selfish Christians, joyful Christians and angry Christians…  I think you get my point.

So what sort of Christian would you like to be?

Now that you have answered that question, what other Christians do you know who embody that sort of Christianity?  That is the Christian you want to learn from, hang around, and engage in conversation with whenever possible.  Do this and you are more likely to develop as a Christian with the appropriate habits for healthy Christian living.

Since becoming a Christian, I have done this wherever I lived.  I look for the character of other Christians and when I find those Christians who appear to exude the character of a healthy spirituality, my eyes and ears are upon them.  I even do this as a minister in regards to my vocational life as a full-time minister.  There are only so many books and blogs I have time to read, only so many speakers I have time to listen too.  Most of the books, blogs, and speakers I give my attention to are based on character evaluation.  Either I know the author personally and therefore know their character, or they have been recommended to me by someone I trust.

If the desire is to be physically healthy, then their must be a choice to intake healthy foods.  Likewise, if the desire is to spiritually form as a healthy Christian, then their must be a choice to intake from healthy spiritual sources.  So again, what sort of Christian do we want to be?  And what sort of spiritual diet do we nourishing ourselves with?

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