How Shall We Preach?

This weekend I am attending the Capital Forum on Spiritual Formation and Discipleship held at the Fairfax Church of Christ.

In the meantime, I plan on writing a series of blog posts next week under the title of “How Shall We Preach?”  In five blog posts, I plant to discuss five values I try to uphold in my preaching.  These five values are to preach truthfully, graciously, wisely, thoughtfully, and redemptively.  I will expound on these values in each blog post.

I’ve been thinking about this the last few days after hearing someone else make a comment about preaching, specifically preaching in a church where the preacher receives a salary.  The comment more or less was that this person would not want to be a “paid preacher” for a church because salary would likely dictate what they preach on.


I’m not so sure about that.  I can’t speak for every preacher but I don’t get the sense that the preachers I know and admire (including my peers linked to on this blog) have been bought off in such a way.  I can say for myself that in nearly twelve years of preaching in churches, I have never felt the pressure to let money dictate what I preach (and that included preaching one sermon on the sin of racism that resulted in me being more or less told to leave).  I think this partly attributable to the fact that I decided long ago that I was a disciple of Jesus above anything else, including being a preacher.  I also was taught early on at Harding University to preach and minister out of my convictions about God and scripture.

I won’t say that money will never have any influence on preachers.  I’m sure it happens.  But my instinct tells me that if a Christian called by God to preach can be persuaded to curtail their message in order to safeguard a salary then they will allow other factors (i.e., peer acceptance, stability, etc…) to dictate their preaching too even if money is not a factor.

Any ways. the result of hear this notion has been some helpful self-reflection on preaching.  As I thought about this, I kept coming back to these values I have when it comes to preaching (both development and delivery).  Whether you serve a church as a “preacher” or not, I hope this might be beneficial to you in your own life as you read and share the word of God with others.

9 responses to “How Shall We Preach?

  1. We know a ton of people at Fairfax. Say “hi” to Phil McKinney for me; he works there and helped organize that whole event. I pray it edifies!

  2. Wish I’d known you were going–I’d have looked you up. I was there myself & thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Todd, I wish I would have known you were there as I too would have looked you up.

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