Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dream

If you haven’t ever listened this now famous speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered on August 28, 1963 in Washington D.C., then you should take the 17 minutes of time it takes to listen.

Though change has been made since 1963, the dream is still waiting to be fulfilled in its fullness.

3 responses to “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dream

  1. This was so great to revisit this man’s speech. Truly he was a man before his time who had a vision and hope for human kind to one day stand together as free people. Hopefully as we look back we can learn from those who lived in racial hatred and choose to be peaceful demonstrators. They should inspire us all to be better human beings. Thanks!

    • Amy, the other day I had Jared with me at the mall (a very large mall) and I was watching him play in the children’s play area with 50 or so other children who came from a wide variety of different ethnicities and nationalities. As I was watching Jared play, I thought about MLK and if he could see just how far his dream has been realized.

  2. That is so wonderful you had that experience with Jared. I am old enough to remember when it was taboo for us to mix with children of other races. As a teenager things were heated up some in HS. I vowed then to make a difference with my own children. I am so thankful our children are more apt to be void of racial barriers. Have a great day!

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