Living the Christian Doctrine of Incarnation

For a couple of decades now New Wineskins has been a Christian journal seeking to explore the intersection between Christian faith and contemporary culture.  With some recent changes, the journal has relaunched with a new issue exploring the incarnation.  I was privileged to contribute an article which briefly explores what it means for Christians to live the Doctrine of Incarnation.  Here is my article “Incarnational Living“.  You may also want to read other contributions thus far by Gary Holloway, Paula Harrington, and more to come.

3 responses to “Living the Christian Doctrine of Incarnation

  1. Amen! Love it. Today I took my wife to the neurologist for an exam due to her having been hit by a car while she was a pedestrian. Afterwards, she felt like eating at a Waffle House (the first one of those came into being 1.5 miles from my growing up home in Georgia); so we wrestle with Garmin and find one a few miles away (down here they are everywhere). We go in, and the waitress takes our order, and my wife says “God bless you, to this little wiry lady with a very serious Southern accent. The lady just lights up and pours out a story; she had said to a customer earlier in the day, ‘have a blessed day’. The customer then said, “Do you believe in God?’ which was answered in the affirmative, and the customer said, ‘then give me the Waffle House hotline number, because you dont have any reason sticking your religion down my throat.” My wife consoled the waitress, we encouraged her to turn the bad experience over to God, and we prayed for her persecutor.
    It seems to me that the Lord, through His circumstantial ordering, arranged comfort for this little lady. Incarnational indeed. “Come Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere present, and fillest all things, treasury of good gifts, and giver of life; come, and abide in us, and cleanse us of all impurity O Good One.’

    • You’re are right. We can be incarnational right in the little spaces we visit everyday, be it a Waffle House or whatever. And I’m glad you and your wife were there to remind that lady that God wins rather than those who are enemies of God.

  2. My contribution to the topic is set to go live January 7. I appreciated your thoughts.

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