Open Theism: A Clarification and A Selected Bibliography

So my last post, Open Theism: What Is It?, generated some great discussion both on my blog and on Facebook where I post links to my blog posts.  Let me say clearly that I am not an Open Theist.  In fact, when it comes to all the various views on theism and providence, I don’t know what I am.  I believe that God grants humans free-will choice, so I fall into that side of the equation.  What I am is a believer in God, a disciple of Jesus, and a student of the Bible with an open-mind who is seeking to understand what Open Theism is first before I accept it or reject it as a biblical way of understand God’s nature as it relates to God’s providence.

Let it therefore be recognized that when it comes to Open Theism, I am a novice and therefore I make no claims to properly articulate the views Open Theism.  One thing that became clear after the last post was the level of interest in this subject and the larger question of God’s providence.  So with that in mind, I thought it would be good to put together a very selective bibliography as a resource for those of us exploring the question of Open Theism.  I have not read all of these books but they have been recommended by trusted friends and colleagues.

Books (* denotes authors offering a rebuttal on Open Theism)

Gregory A Boyd, God of the Possible: A Biblical Introduction to the Open View of God, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2000.

John M. Frame, No Other God: A Response to Open Theism, Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Publishing, 2001. *

Clark Pinnock, et al., The Openness of God: A Biblical Challenge to the Traditional Understanding of God, Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press, 1994.

John Sanders, The God Who Risks: A Theology of Divine Providence, 2d ed., Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press, 2007.

Bruce A. Ware, God’s Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism, Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2000. *

Other Resources

Terrance Tiessen, Providence and Prayer: How Does God Work in the World?, Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press, 2000.  This book surveys a wide range of views regarding providence and theism, including both open and closed models.

Open Theism Information Site:

If you are aware of some other books, articles, or websites on this subject, please let it be known in a comment (make sure to state whether it is proponent or opponent of Open Theism).

9 responses to “Open Theism: A Clarification and A Selected Bibliography

  1. Open theism Q&A via Greg Boyd:

    Open theism essays via Greg Boyd:

    Predestination & free will Q&A via Greg Boyd:

    Predestination & free will essays via Greg Boyd:

    I’m an open theist and would be glad to attempt to provide an answer to any questions you may have as well. The above links have answered about every question I or my friends have ever had, however.

  2. Also, this is about the best article I’ve read responding to someone that has spoken out against openness without properly understanding it:

  3. A friend and colleague of mine suggested I add this book to the list of resources:

    Bruce Ware, ed. and others, “Perspectives on the Doctrine of God: Four Views,” Nashville: B & H Publishing Company, 2001. Here is the Amazon link:

    • I think Bruce Ware is one of those guys that misrepresents openness theology. Whether intentional or not I do not know.

      • Though I’ve not read anything from Ware, I understand your concern. I’m alway weary about an aggressively barking dog and those in the Neo-Reformed camp seem to enjoy aggressive barking at anyone who doesn’t share their view.

      • The last article I posted above is Boyd’s response to Ware. In it, he gives the impression that what you’ve pointed out here is mostly based in fear.

        I first encountered Ware because many of my Calvinist friends were instructed to read his book “God’s Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism” whether by pastors or seminary professors. And like I said, I really don’t think he *gets* it. At least I hope that’s the case…

  4. I have been blessed by your blog and have nominated you (it) for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit my site for details.

  5. Good list of books… some might want to see my paper on this subject and the bibliographical entries listed as footnotes:

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