A Generous Thanksgiving

I’m a preacher who has ministered for nearly the last twelve years serving with small congregations.  I started out preaching on a part-time basis for the Ole Hardy Church of Christ in Hardy, Arkansas, a small church of about 8-10 elderly Christians.  I now serve as the Preacher/Minister for the Columbia Church of Christ, a younger congregation of about 60 Christians.

I love my vocation.  It’s a calling from God and to be quite honest, I can’t imagine doing anything else.  In addition to preaching over these last twelve years, I have also finished my undergraduate degree and completed the Master of Divinity seminary degree.  In the mean time, my wife, Laura, and I have had three children, Kenny, Caryn, and Jared.  My wife and I have also come to know some amazing Christians, especially those from the Ingreja de Cristo (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Ithaca Church of Christ (Ithaca, NY), Kandiyohi Church of Christ (Kandiyohi, MN), North Metro House Churches (Denver, CO), and  Randolph Church of Christ (Dover, NJ).  I’d say we’ve been blessed…very blessed.

Of course, during the twelve years there have been some struggles along the way too.  The biggest was the death of Kenny.  Another big struggle has been the financial challenges along the way.  I suppose that financial challenges are simply par for the course when one is a college student and/or serving as a preacher for a small congregation but that doesn’t make such challenges any easier.

Yet I have been blessed.  Along the way, my wife and I have been helped by some very generous Christians who knew we could use the help and offered.  For some, it came as support for our travels to Brazil.  For others, it was support so that I could serve with a congregation that could only offer a part-time salary as financial support.  For others, they just sensed a need we had and offered out of the love in their heart that they have for God and his mission.

I am writing this post for these people especially, to say “Thank You!”  Behind the generosity of each of these Christians is a love that cannot be described adequately with words.  It’s a love that comes from God.  I am so thankful for their love and generosity and my wife is thankful too.  We have lived a very blessed life and that is a blessing from God but one in which God has used these Christians to be part a vehicle of his blessing.  So again I say, and on behalf of my wife and children I say, Thank you very much!

5 responses to “A Generous Thanksgiving

  1. Hardy Arkansas! Used to drive through there a lot, going from Mtn Home, Arkansas, to Memphis, or Atlanta.
    Very thankful for the McDonald’s restroom, as the stretch of road south was sparcely inhabited with convenience facilities

  2. A big thank you to you and your family for the commitment it takes to live this life of serving and ministering to His church. It isn’t an easy calling, probably one of the hardest. Many will never know your struggles. I encourage you to continue in this calling for you have a voice that needs to be heard today more than ever. Please continue to ask the difficult questions as I know you have struggled through some yourself. May you be granted many years of preaching, teaching and working to grow His Kingdom. God bless!

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement. Also, I thought you might like to know but I am planning to have a BIble class read through “The Drama of Scripture” with me. Your book recommendation will have influence on people you’ve never even met…that’s God at work.

  3. That is wonderful, Praise Him. Wish I could be in on that!

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