Do We Make Sense in the Story of Scripture?

If our life and our churches were placed within the pages of scripture, say the book of Acts, would it make sense and fit with the rest of the story?  That’s a question I’ve begun asking myself as I’ve been reading through the book of Acts.  Thanks to a Facebook friend, I’ve also been pointed to the above video where Francis Chan is asking the same/similar question.  It’s a question of spiritual formation, life formation, and mission formation.  Are we living as part of the redemptive story God is unfolding within history or are we still living as though we still belong to another story?  In other words, do we and the local churches we belong to share the same vision, values, convictions, goal and mission with the story unfolding in scripture?

And for clarification purposes, I am not trying to suggest that we, either as individuals or as church communities, must become clones of our fellow first-century Christian in order to fit in and make sense in the same story.  We are temporally and culturally in different historical contexts.  The idea that cloning the same forms will reproduce the same function is a misnomer.  Yet we can and must still pursue the same vision, values, convictions, goal and mission if we are too live the same story.

Also, I see that my friend, colleague and brother in Christ, Wes Woodell has also posted the same video over at his West Coast Witness blog, so check it out there too.

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