In Life and Death…Abide With Us

Earlier today I went by to visit a lady, a member of the church where I minister, who has been in the hospital for a few days.  She told me that the doctors believe she has pancreatic cancer.  Though she accepted that as well as I suppose anyone would, I could also see the concern.

There’s nothing I can do except to say “I’m sorry”, pray with he and for her, and be in some way, a presence of God as I visit with her as a minister and brother in Christ.  I wish there was more that could be done…we all do.

Sometimes I think the hardest part about living in a space and time where there is life and death, is knowing that the day of the new heaven and new earth joined together in the full presence of God is coming (cf. Rev 21.1-8).  Don’t get me wrong, to have this hope is the greatest.  But when you long for faith to become sight, it’s tough to wait in patience…especially when the fragility of life is ever present.

What we need and what we take comfort in is that in life and death, God does abide with us.

Henry Francis Lyte, “Abide With Me,” performed by Libera.

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