Faith, Love, and Hope (Pt. 2)

In my last post I discussed how the true gospel is evident by the fruit it is bearing: faith, love, and hope (Col 1.3-8).  Now I want to share why this ought to be an unnerving jolt to some Christians and I might just irritate a few nerves on some people :-).

The Apostle Paul was able to evaluate the presence of the true gospel by the triad fruit of faith, love, and hope being produced.  But that is not the typical way many Christians go about evaluating the presence of the true gospel today.  Evaluations are based upon a laundry list of doctrines and issues, to which others must agree upon or else they are judged not to be true Christians…“New Testament Christians”.  Yet we all know of churches and Christians who make such foolish judgments, claiming to be the only faithful Christians (often referring to all others simply as “religious people”) but who exhibit very little (if any) faith, love, and hope in the biblical sense of those words.

This is not only regrettable but unbiblical as well and is cannot be tolerated nor will it be tolerated.  People are growing weary of churches who blow smoke by claiming to have the truth,  to believe in the the true gospel, but show no signs of faith, love, and hope.  These people will not be fooled.  The only people who are being fooled one’s who think they can blow smoke and pass it off as the true Gospel.

If we say we believe in and uphold true gospel of Jesus Christ, scripture is telling us that it ought to be evident in the triad of fruit it’s bearing: faith, love, and hope.  If there is no such fruit evident then maybe we ought to seriously ask if we’ve really heard the true gospel.

3 responses to “Faith, Love, and Hope (Pt. 2)

  1. Yes. Faith, and Hope and Love. And when we fail in love and hope, we find ourselves cast back upon faith, if we have been broken by our missing the mark. And, when we find ourselves, broken and repentant, knowing that in us dwells no good thing, we find ourselves in the precise place, where God can manifest his hope and love in us. We find then that it is the faith of Christ, and His love, and His hope in us, if it is in us at all, and from us can only come repentance, and brokenness. Christ in us the hope of glory.

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