Reflections on the 68th Annual Pepperdine University Bible Lectures

Last week I attended the 68th Annual Pepperdine University Bible Lectures.  If you have never been…YOU SHOULD GO!!!  It was already announced that next year’s lectures will cover Romans 5-8.

I would sum the lectures up in three words: Encouraging, Convicting, and Refreshing.

From the key-note sermon-lectures, to the many and various classes, to the great fellowship and faith conversations being had with other Christians.  It all is encouraging, convicting, and refreshing.  Jerry Rushford and his staff do a marvelous job of organizing and putting on the lectures and depending on where a person lives, one can attend for as little cost as about $400 dollars.  That includes airfare (which, of course, varies) and approximately $150 dollars for a dormitory room and meals.  Considering what some Christian conferences cost, this is a very big bargain.

The great thing about the lectures is that the teaching is both theologically rich and challenging, yet it is teaching for every-person and not just those who have theology degrees.  Another great thing is the geographical location in Malibu, California (look at the picture…need I say more).  But what I love most is the fellowship with others…it is those conversations over coffee or around the dinner table that are priceless.  Surely it is a foretaste of what it will be like when God has restored all things.

As this is my second time attending the Bible Lectures, I did notice that there does not seem to be as much youth and young adult (20’s – 30’s) there.  It would be nice to see more younger people coming.  Also, my friend Tom who came with me (he’s not a preacher) noticed that a lot of the attendees are preachers and ministers.  So I think we preachers and ministers need to do a better job of trying to bring some of our church members with us, as I believe they would benefit  greatly from coming.

Lastly, I enjoyed meeting and/or connecting back up with Darin Campbell, Matt Dabbs, Stan Granberg, Josh Graves, Jeremy Hoover, Charles Kiser, Dave Lemley, Matthew Morine, Ed and Pam Mosby, Collin Packer, Sean and Rochelle Palmer, Mark and Christine Parker, Josh Patrick, Josh Ross, Tim Spivey, Jonathan Storment, Bobby and Tifani Valentine, Wes Woodell, and many, many others (many of those mentioned have a blog linked to in my side bar).  There were people I hoped to meet but for one reason or another, we did not run into each other…Lord willing, next year.

Thanks to Pepperdine University for allowing myself and so many others to come and feast from the grace of God, the author of our salvation.

2 responses to “Reflections on the 68th Annual Pepperdine University Bible Lectures

  1. Rex, I really enjoyed meeting you as well. I’ll be in touch via email re: some LST/FriendSpeak materials & options for your church.

    Many blessings,

  2. It was a BLESSING getting to fellowship with you at Pepperdine. Hope to again soon.

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