Mission, Prayer, and the Randolph Church of Christ (with a Sermon)

Here is the sermon I preached last Sunday at the Randolph Church of Christ.  The sermon comes from Luke 22.39-46 and is titled “God’s Will Be Done!”

The sermon is about the ongoing spiritual warfare Christians find themselves in as they seek to live out God’s mission by, in light of Easter, being witness of Jesus who has been crucified and resurrected from the dead.  Satan wants to do everything he can do derail this mission and prayer is our means of fighting against the “temptation” of Satan.  This is why Jesus instructed his disciples to pray and why Jesus himself prayed.

So the sermon was also an invitation for the Randolph Church of Christ to begin joining together for the intentional purpose of prayer as the next step in living out our mission of Living, Loving, and Leading like Jesus (see my last post here for why I believe prayer is the next step).  On the second and fourth Sunday’s of every month we are coming together in the evening for the specific purpose of praying for us as a church as we seek to living out God’s mission.  This is a time of prayer for God’s mission and our future, seeking wisdom and power, courage and clarity, and the faith that can move mountains.  Last Sunday evening was our first prayer gathering and there was a great turnout…lots of prayers being lifted up by men and women of faith.

To say the least, I was very encouraged.  And at the risk of sounding self-congratulating (which I don’t want to be), in terms of my own ministry leadership, I found the prayer gathering to be a very proud moment in the history of my ministry with the congregation.  But I’m also proud of the Randolph Church of Christ.


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