Birthday Parties, Tony Campolo, & the Love of God

The picture on the right is of the birthday cake that was made for Caryn.  This past January 1st…that’s right, New Year’s Day…Caryn celebrated her 6th birthday.  The cake was made by the loving hands of her Grandmother Martin who has become a talented cake decorator in her lifetime.  It is one of many expressions of love that was shown to my daughter on her birthday.

Of course, throwing a birthday party is certainly not the only way we express love…both our love and the love of God.  But it is an important way of expressing such love when we live in a culture where birthdays are held in such a celebratory esteem.  So here is another story of a birthday party thrown to show the love of God, told by Tony Campolo (I have heard this story before but have never seen the video which I discovered on Matt Dabbs’ blog).  Here is the video:


One response to “Birthday Parties, Tony Campolo, & the Love of God

  1. YES!!! I heard the story ages ago, but I have been reminded of it, and watched this, and yes that comment by the barman, about “I would join a church like that…” is a profound challenge to the church everywhere. I’m currently reading the book, “Nobody’s perfect” by John Burke that explores similar themes…

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