Three Words: The Vision of Revelation 21.1-8

“It is done!”  Three words…three words from God.

They are three words tucked neatly into a vision of promise and hope.  It’s a vision of “marriage” between the new heaven and new earth (N.T. Wright, Surprised By Hope, 104).  It’s a vision where the old things are made new (v. 5), where renovation and restoration has been completed, where God’s creation is re-created in fullness as the new creation, where suffering and death has been replaced with the ever presence of God dwelling with his people, where sin and evil is no more.

It is a vision of hope sealed by the promissory declaration of three simple yet three profound words… “It is done!”


This is a preview of my upcoming sermon, the last sermon of the “Our Story” series, from Revelation 21.1-8 this coming Sunday at the Randolph Church of Christ.


3 responses to “Three Words: The Vision of Revelation 21.1-8

  1. Rex:
    Today I finished C. Wright’s “the God I Don’t Understand” where he devoted his last two chapters on the return of our Lord. I can’t wait to hear your message Sunday! The idea of dwelling with our God one day in our restored condition, living in His presence, with no more fear of all that evil has done, leaves me with complete joy and hope for what is to come. We need more and more conversation about what we have in store. What a great, redeeming God He is and the love He has for us is beyond measure. We can, and should as His people, celebrate this every day of our lives.

  2. Sounds awesome, brother. Praying that those who hear will be blessed. Grace and peace.

  3. May the peace of God be with all hearers and doers of Gods word Amen

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