Sermon: “Will the Church Be the Church”

Here is a sermon I on November 21, 2010 at the Randolph Church of Christ where I serve as the Preacher/Evangelist.  The sermon is based on 1 Peter 2.9-12 and is titled “Will the Church Be the Church?”  I am uploading as an experiment in learning how to make all our sermons available as podcasts online.  So here is the sermon if you care to listen.

1 Peter 2.9-12 _Will the Church Be the Church__ 2

5 responses to “Sermon: “Will the Church Be the Church”

  1. are you putting these on itunes?

  2. I ask because you can link to them here on your blog easily, and on itunes people can “subscribe” and have them downloaded automatically. I do this for driscoll, chan, allender, etc. and i don’t even have to think about checking for updates 🙂

  3. PS the audio gets screwy around the 13 minute mark..

  4. Jen,

    This post was sort of a trial run. The podcast might be a little funny because it was also an experiment in me learning how to use Garage Band to edit. I do want to link these up to I-Tunes…can you tell me how to do that? Now that I know how to edit and create a podcast with Garage Band, I plan to start uploading my sermons on to this blog and hope to get them linked to I-Tunes. Any help would be much appreciated. If you’d like, I can send you an email (the one you fill out to leave a WordPress comment on my blog) so that you’d have my email.

    Grace and Peace,


  5. Im sorry i don’t know exactly how to do that :/

    There is a podcast section on itunes and a simple uploader tool, i believe.

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