Alan Hirsch – Post Christian/Christendom Mission

For smaller churches (non-mega-churches) such as the Randolph Church of Christ, where I serve as the Preacher/Evangelist in post-Christian/Christendom culture, Alan Hirsch shares the problem and challenge facing us now and in the future if we want to be participants in the Mission of God in our local community.  This video from Vimeo is about 19 minutes long and is well worth the time to watch.  The video states the problem and challenge in coming to a solution without attempting to give answers that can only be answered within a localized and specific context.  So the video leaves room for open thinking and discussion.

For those who do not know, Alan Hirsch has been a very influential voice in the entire missional church conversation taking place in North America.  He speaks as an experienced missionary, author, and professor of missions who is deeply concerned about helping the church of Jesus Christ recapture it’s missional identity in a post-Christian/Christendom culture.

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