Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Speaks to Australia

Here is the video clips (pt. 1 & 2) of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen’s sermon to Australia.

Part 1:

Part 2:

3 responses to “Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Speaks to Australia

  1. Rex:
    Thank you for posting this video. I am all too afraid that the abortion issue has become such old hat that we have become lukewarm on this issue. What a powerful testimony Ms. Jessen is, to stand before government and declare that Jesus is Lord, that life is what He is about. This is what the early church did, and lost their lives in doing so. We must not grow silent on this issue. I believe it was the sins of Manasseh, the shedding of innocent blood, that moved our God to finally bring down His mighty arm of destruction. He is passionate about this, we must be also. We must continue to give voice to this issue and refuse to compromise it away. Again, thank you for posting the video, I hope it stirs us to action.
    In Him,

    • Ms Jessen puts a face on the aborted…when people look at her, no longer can they speak of the aborted as a “fetus” for what they see in her is a human life. And as she says so eloquently, where are her rights as a human being?

      I don’t want to see the fight for life to grow silent either. I think one reason it appears to have gone silent is two-fold. First, I think our culture grew tired of a conservative politic that was willing to fight for “pro-life” but was also willing to stand behind the government as it waged a war that was sure to kill life…it all seemed so inconsistent. Second, for many emerging Christians, there came to be a realization that the biblical view of life was about more than just having a heartbeat…that life was the ability to live life as God created life to be lived. Thus, emerging Christians have begun to see that issues like warfare, poverty, human-trafficing, adequate health care, etc… were just as important to being “pro=life” in a biblical sense.

      That is why I am opposed to the use of violence/warfare as well as abortion, because in both cases life is being destroyed that was not mine to destroy. You won’t find me on the street corner holding up a protest sign every weekend but when I have the opportunity to speak out in a meaningful way for what I believe is an injustice (as in this case with Abortion), I will do so. I was really glad to have this video run on my Facebook page, because there it has the opportunity to be viewed by a much more diverse group of people.

      Grace and Peace,


  2. Rex,
    I appreciate your willingness to post these videos, too.

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