Casting Crowns “Life of Praise”

For your weekend listening and viewing encouragement, here is a video to the song “Life of Praise” by Casting Crowns.

One response to “Casting Crowns “Life of Praise”

  1. Thank you Rex. That was a good meditation in song. A good meditation on the Lord.

    It is the sort of music where one can luxuriate in the Energies of God, in our midst by the Holy Spirit. It also leads to a meditation that those who Know the Energies of God must go on to know the Stillness so as to pursue perfection, and also my observation that the music consonant with that continuation of the adventure is of a different sort- I’ve never know it to be other than a capella, it is closer akin to Psalmody, and in line with Byzantine and Gregorian Chant.
    But as there are all sorts of prayer, there is all sorts of music, I supppose, and all redound to the glory of God.

    As a musician of sorts, I notice the considerable ‘noise’ of the instruments especially, and it is inconsistent in the pursuit of Peace, and the medium as Marshall McLuhan said, is the message- at least to some extent.
    I have played French Horn in charismatic praise bands and that was thrilling at the time, and worshipful as well. But I’ve come full circle back to a capella, and recognize it as a core Tradition that has very deep reasons for being in existence.

    the music above is a gathering of Orthodox hierarchs with incense vestments and singing. It looks a LOT like some of the visions from the book of Revelation, and I like it.
    Love to all, and let us offer up the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man with persistence, and in due time we shall reap if we faint not. those that sow in tears shall reap in joy. The Holy Spirit will work in us prayers with groanings that cannot be uttered… if we yield to Him. Glory to Jesus Christ.

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