What Really Matters

What Really Matters (www.reallymatters.org) is a new website and ministry by Landon Sanders and Mike Cope aimed at the emerging generation (age 18-29), many of whom have left “church” but are still seeking answers to life’s questions.

From Mike Cope’s blog, he writes about the videos…

As we’ve asked them about the possibility of meeting with friends to talk about some of life’s most important themes, the response has been great. So, we’ve been preparing some material to assist them. At their advice, the material is fairly minimal. As you can tell, we opted to do these clips pretty simply. Some of the interviews were shot with iPhones. The focus isn’t on snazzy but on authenticity. Also, the clips are short since the focus is on discussion and listening to one another. The discussion guides suggest . . . they don’t answer. Some of the groups will show these clips to launch the discussions; some will maybe just offer them as discussion starters; some won’t even use them.

He also said the videos and discussion guides are free to use for whoever would find it helpful.  Thanks for this ministry.

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