What’s The Meaning of Life?

I’ll return next week with a post on thinking about baptism.  In the meantime, watch this video of students on the campus of George Mason University responding to the question about the meaning of life.  As you watch the video, ask yourself how Christians ought to communicate the gospel to such a culture.

4 responses to “What’s The Meaning of Life?

  1. The Meaning of Life;
    “God became man; so man could become God.” A God, not according to nature, but according to grace.
    A restatement of Irenaeus, if I recall correctly.


    • Ben, I first came across the doctrine of theosis in a book written by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen. I think a lot of people unfamiliar with the doctrine look at the last part of that quote with great suspicion but when they realize it is about being remade in the image of God which is the image of Christ, then they see the biblical origins of the doctrine.

      Grace and peace,


  2. Rex, Back when I was an evangelical charismatic, with the strong justification by faith alone viewpoint, I rejected baptismal regeneration. Now that I am Orthodox, I find the doctrine no problem at all, and, of course, Orthodoxy holds to it quite unflaggingly.
    So, when I see you speaking as that such a position is going too far, I wonder what it is in your viewpoint that militates against such a position? I am looking for understanding of what has shaped your thought.

    • I have been super busy lately but I do intend to write more posts on the subject of baptism and one of those posts will include what I mean by baptismal regeneration and why I do not believe in that. Any ways, I appreciate your engagement in the conversation and believe your comments might help readers gain a little perspective that is not too often heard in the broad evangelical stream of Christianity.

      Grace and peace,


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