Donald Miller and the Bible / Satan’s View on the Church

I am more and more convinced that the biggest hurdle for any Christian or church to participate in the mission of God is to hear the voice of God speak and recognize God at work.  The reason why that is such a big hurdle is because we have too many ways of explaining God right out of the equation.  Too many ways of trying to force God to fit our _______ (philosophical, sociological, theological, etc…) box when God cannot be contained in a box.

Any ways…I just wanted to share that because it has been on my mind.  Here are a couple of others worth your time.  The first is a blog post by Donald Miller titled Why the Bible is a Tough Book for Americans which is a good little essay that should provoke some thinking.  Click on that title for the link.  Secondly, here is a little clip on Godtube about title Satan Shares His Views of the Church.  Click on the title for that link as well.

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