Missio Dei Journal: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis

I would just like to let you know about a new journal being published titled Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis.  The editorial board consists of Nathan Bills (Th.D Student at Duke University), Charles Kiser (Missionary in Dallas, TX), Greg McKnzie (Missionary in Arequipa, Peru), Danny Reese (Missionary in Angola, Africa), and Jason Whaley (Missionary in Wollongong, Australia); all of these servants of God happen to be friends and colleagues of mine.  Plus, we all attended seminary together at Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, TN . 

Here is the journal’s purpose statement quoted from the website: “MISSIO DEI exists to provide a medium for exploring the rich tradition and ongoing practice of participation in the mission of God among the churches of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.”

I am excited to read the articles, responses, and reviews in this journal as I believe it will make a fine contribution to how kingdom leaders of the gospel, whether on foreign or domestic soil, conceive of the Missio Dei (Mission of God, for those readers who don’t know) and participate in that mission in a faithful yet indigenous way.

5 responses to “Missio Dei Journal: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis

  1. thanks for the info, k rex. i’m excited about the journal. it’s loading on another page as i type.

  2. Super! thanks for sharing..

    Matthew Dowling

  3. brother Rex, I hope to have time to take a look at the Journal. I know a graduate of your school, Brown Kinnard, actually a relative of mine, a second Cousin. My grandmother was the first lady I think to graduate also from David Lipscomb. Bess Beasley.
    Anyway, I really do see the Spirit of the Lord working in you and your passion for the Kingdom. If I were your spiritual director, however, I would suggest, that part of your drive to get right understanding and bead on mission and your mission, might have to do with the need to somehow be in control and manageable from your braineum, and if so, there might be an inner and existential need to surrender to God, to not having it all wired and outlined in your head, so that, paradoxically, God can work mission in you and unfold your mission to you.

    • Ben,

      I’m not sure where that came from…I’m just helping to advertise a journal that some of my friend’s have worked real hard on producing.

      I suppose, like most Christians raised in a Western culture, that there is some desire to control God so that everything can be palatable…but I am aware of that. I am not interested in trying to perfect doctrine and church practice from a “braineum” perspective because I realize that as long as I am human, such perfection will never be. However, I do believe there is nothing wrong in sharpening the mind through the insights of others (and I realize that having a “sharp-mind” is insufficient for living a life of discipleship that glorifies God).

      Grace and peace,


  4. Have you ever thought that everything that concerns you, concerns Me, also? You are precious in my eyes and I love you; for this reason, it is a special joy for Me to train you. When temptations and the opponent [the Evil One] come upon you like a river, I want you to know that This was from Me.

    I want you to know that your weakness has need of My strength, and your safety lies in allowing Me to protect you. I want you to know that when you are in difficult conditions, among people who do not understand you, and cast you away, This was from Me.

    I am your God, the circumstances of your life are in My hands; you did not end up in your position by chance; this is precisely the position I have appointed for you. Weren’t you asking Me to teach you humility? And there – I placed you precisely in the “school” where they teach this lesson. Your environment, and those who are around you, are performing My will. Do you have financial difficulties and can just barely survive? Know that This was from Me.

    I want you to know that I dispose of your money, so take refuge in Me and depend upon Me. I want you to know that My storehouses are inexhaustible, and I am faithful in My promises. Let it never happen that they tell you in your need, “Do not believe in your Lord and God.” Have you ever spent the night in suffering? Are you separated from your relatives, from those you love? I allowed this that you would turn to Me, and in Me find consolation and comfort. Did your friend or someone to whom you opened your heart, deceive you? This was from Me.

    I allowed this frustration to touch you so that you would learn that your best friend is the Lord. I want you to bring everything to Me and tell Me everything. Did someone slander you? Leave it to Me; be attached to Me so that you can hide from the “contradiction of the nations.” I will make your righteousness shine like light and your life like midday noon. Your plans were destroyed? Your soul yielded and you are exhausted? This was from Me.

    You made plans and have your own goals; you brought them to Me to bless them. But I want you to leave it all to Me, to direct and guide the circumstances of your life by My hand, because you are the orphan, not the protagonist. Unexpected failures found you and despair overcame your heart, but know That this was from Me.

    With tiredness and anxiety I am testing how strong your faith is in My promises and your boldness in prayer for your relatives. Why is it not you who entrusted their cares to My providential love? You must leave them to the protection of My All Pure Mother. Serious illness found you, which may be healed or may be incurable, and has nailed you to your bed. This was from Me.

    Because I want you to know Me more deeply, through physical ailment, do not murmur against this trial I have sent you. And do not try to understand My plans for the salvation of people’s souls, but unmurmuringly and humbly bow your head before My goodness. You were dreaming about doing something special for Me and, instead of doing it, you fell into a bed of pain. This was from Me.

    Because then you were sunk in your own works and plans and I wouldn’t have been able to draw your thoughts to Me. But I want to teach you the most deep thoughts and My lessons, so that you may serve Me. I want to teach you that you are nothing without Me. Some of my best children are those who, cut off from an active life, learn to use the weapon of ceaseless prayer. You were called unexpectedly to undertake a difficult and responsible position, supported by Me. I have given you these difficulties and as the Lord God I will bless all your works, in all your paths. In everything I, your Lord, will be your guide and teacher. Remember always that every difficulty you come across, every offensive word, every slander and criticism, every obstacle to your works, which could cause frustration and disappointment, This is from Me.

    Know and remember always, no matter where you are, That whatsoever hurts will be dulled as soon as you learn In all things, to look at Me. Everything has been sent to you by Me, for the perfection of your soul. All these things were from Me.

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